Bird Control Services in Derby

Are birds trying to take your crops?

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching birds fly down and pick at seed or crops.

G B Pest Control & Services have a wide array of methods to eliminate your bird problem for good.

Contact our team todayand work with us towards a bird control solution.

It is important to us that you know we would never cause unnecessary harm to any birds. All our bird control methods are humane and we can talk through different options with you.

Bird control for the inside or outside

People don’t always have problems with birds outside and you may have some nesting in your roof or chimney. We can help take care of bird control inside and outside so don’t hesitate tocontact usfor more information.

Common birds

  • Feral Pigeon
  • House Sparrow
  • Starling

Are you in need of help with vermin control?

If birds are just one thing on your list, we can also help with all types of vermin control.

Go to theVerminpage now orcontact usto talk about the pests on your property.